Inspiration! Or, Do You Believe in . . . Ghosts?


“What in the world do ghosts have to do with mysteries?” you asked.

Okay, maybe you didn’t, but someone out there in the vast world of readers and writers has surely asked that very question sometime in the past. And yes, the question is relevant. Currently there are several mystery series—mostly cozies—featuring a ghost or two from the other side (the spirit world) helping the sleuth on this side (the world of the living as we know it) solve cases.


Or, you could ask Mac McClellan, whose next case introduces him to the mysterious world of the paranormal: “Mac, do you believe in ghosts?” Mac scratches his beard, hems and haws, looks away. “Earth to Mac—do you believe in ghosts, especially after what you experienced in Deadly Spirits?” Mac sighs and looks up as though the answer might be written on the ceiling. “I don’t know. Maybe. . . .”…

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