Introverted Writer Wants Exposure For His Books, Not Himself: Is That Too Much To Ask?

Check out Mystery/Crime Writer Max Everhart’s New Post at MMO. VERY Interesting and Thought Provoking!


The small town where I live is great. It’s safe. It’s affordable. It’s clean.  There’s no traffic to speak of, and there are at least three or four very good restaurants, one of which makes the best creamy risotto (shout out to Black Creek Bistro).  Plus, my town has several parks, so my son, a swing and slide addict, is covered.  In short, I like it here.  Really like it.


But there is a downside to living in this small, distinctly Southern little town: I’m an outsider here. Which, when I start to analyze things, has more to do with me than the town.  Actually, I’m always an outsider. It’s in my DNA.  I don’t know how to make friends, how to hob knob, how to network. When I’m not with my family or the minuscule semi-circle of people that can tolerate my presence for any length of time…

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