And I’m Not What I Appear to Be*

Don’t miss mystery writer Margot Kinberg’s post on Impostor Syndrome!

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

Impostor SyndromeNone of us is perfect. We all know that in the abstract, but it doesn’t stop us wanting to appear to ‘have it all together’ in front of others. That’s a very natural desire, really. Who wants to come across as incompetent? But for some people, it goes further than that. For those people, it leads to strong feelings of self-doubt and fear that others will find out about real and perceived weaknesses. And that can result in what’s often called Imposter Syndrome.

People with Imposter Syndrome are convinced that they’re not really competent or successful, no matter how much evidence there might be to the contrary. Because of this, they sometimes feel fraudulent; that can lead to even more feelings of unworthiness or worse.

There are certainly people like that in real life, and we see such characters in crime fiction, too. They can add sub-plots, story arcs, and…

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