Pixie Dust: a Noir Short

Dinger’s at it again! Check it out at Motive Means Opportunity!


There was light tapping on my office door, and then it creaked open. A pixyish young dame stepped inside and glanced around the room with wide eyes. They stopped on me. “Mr. Dinger?” The voice was almost musical, more little girl than woman. But she was a woman all right, and a fine specimen at that.

Veronica Lake 2

“If the super hasn’t scraped it off the glass yet then it must be me,” I said. I stood and pointed to the best of the two ratty chairs near my desk. “Have a seat. And you can drop the ‘mister.’ Call me Dinger.” She moseyed across the room and looked down at the chair for a moment. “It’s clean,” I said. “I dusted just last month.”

She offered a beautiful fine-boned hand, flashed a brief sugar cube smile, and sat. The scent of cactus blossoms lingered over my desk. She was maybe five-two…

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