Fourth of July

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George Washington slept in my town. Okay, if you are familiar with the northeast you gotta figure that man slept everywhere! Seriously. I haven’t been back to that town since 1978. At that time, the house was still marked. Since that time, there has been a lot of research done, and I don’t know if the plaque (or the house) still stands. Of course, when you stop to think that the US at that time was a British colony, and Washington was a rebel (revolutionary if you prefer) then it’s clear he was a fugitive. And he slept where he could.

Therein lies the rub, and the tie to writing. Research. Our founding fathers lacked the Internet, cell phones, telephones, the telegraph, and even Morse code. Instead, it was one if by land, two if by sea and make the story the best it can be! Yes, Paul Revere’s famous

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