A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the . . . A writer rants about Rewrites, Edits, Deadlines, and Such.

See my rant on the perils of being a writer at Motive Means Opportunity!


Remember back during the Cold War when the USA (known as the “Good Guys”), and Russia (known as the Commies, or REDS), faced off for over three decades following our split as allies post-World War Two? No? Okay, so I’m showing my age here. But I remember it well. In grammar school and junior high (or, middle) school, we would have regular drills during school hours where we dropped to the floor and cowered under our desks with our hands clasped tightly behind our necks in the event of a nearby nuclear attack launched by our mortal enemy, Communist Russia. Never mind that we would’ve all been incinerated had we been within range of the blast (or blasts) delivered by those dastardly RED Commies. Believe me, I’m not making light of the aforementioned scenario—in fact, it almost came to fruition during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. And…

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