Pro or Not Pro? That is the Question

Don’t miss mystery/crime writer Max Everhart’s thought-provoking post at Motive Means Opportunity!


Are you a professional writer, or an amateur? This is an interesting question, one that E. Michael Helms has touched on previously here at MMO. But I thought I’d throw in my opinion on the subject.  The answer to the pro-or-not-pro question isn’t totally dependent on money.  Yes, if you’ve earned even one dollar on your writing, then, technically, you’re a professional. But I have a different take. To me, you’re a professional writer when and only when you start acting like it. 


Here’s what I mean. I’ve earned some money–very, very little money–on my books, but I was a “pro” long before I signed a contract with a publisher. Why? Because for years I’ve (tried) to approach writing like a job, which means I write when I feel like it AND when I don’t feel like it.  I write about every day regardless of what else is going on…

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