Sagging Middles

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Talk about life imitating art! Sagging middles describes it all.  Some of you, of a certain age, are nodding in agreement. Others are scratching their heads. Do that while you have the hair to scratch. Smiley face

I live in south central Florida. Think all of the heat, none of the breeze. Since sometime in early June our temps have been flirting with 100 degrees and our real feel, even on relatively cool 90 degree days, have been well over 100. I’m also a runner. Not a competitive one, but one who ties on running shoes when the muse deserts.

Girl RunningThis morning, at 8 AM, trying to think up a topic for this blog, I laced up my running shoes in 87 degree temperatures. To compensate for the increased heat, I’d recently cut my runs from five miles to three. I ran the first mile and started the second. Heat indexes were…

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