My Writing Story in One Word

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By Max Everhart (originally published on Suite T, August 1, 2014)

I first began writing seriously about nine years ago when I was working on a Master’s degree in English, and almost every day between then and now, I’ve received and read literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of tips on being a successful writer.

And almost all of them were good.


But the best advice I ever read was from the novelist Richard Bach: “A professional writer is an amateur writer who didn’t quit.”



Perseverance, in my opinion, is the most important quality a writer can possess. Perseverance is the ultimate trump card, and it’s far more important than talent or luck or even connections in the publishing world, although all of those are wonderful and certainly helpful.  But perseverance is what is going to get a writer to sit down and write.  Everyday.  No matter what.

Perseverance, it…

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