To Market, To Market

Don’t miss mystery writer Kait Carson’s post on the marketing dilemmas today’s writers face!


Today’s blog will be short and sweet—stop that cheering—I can hear you!

There used to be a saying that “writers write, that’s what they do.” It was true at one time. Back in the days of the big however many houses when author marketing was largely handled by the publicity and/or marketing departments of the author’s house. Back in the day, the marketing department arranged the publicity, bought the ads and air time, sold the books not only to bookstores (there were a lot of them pre- ereaders), but to book clubs and book of the month style clubs. A well-known writer’s book (and even books of lesser known writers) were splashed everywhere. At least for a few months. Alas, no more.

Yes, there are still big houses—I think we are down to four, although it may be three. Hard to keep track. And to some extent they do some…

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