Let’s Take a Little Walk

Another gem from Margot Kinberg’s excellent blog!

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

july-writing-challenge-promptOnce again, crime writer and fellow blogger D.S. Nelson has provided a terrific story prompt: the ‘photo you see here. This is the story that came from it.  Thanks, D.S., for the inspiration! Now, please go check out D.S. Nelson’s terrific site. And while you’re at it, try her Blake Heatherington mystery series!

Let’s Take a Little Walk

Chris wasn’t sure how far back into the woods they’d marched him. He kept his head down, not looking at either of the men prodding him along. His socks were filthy and getting damp. He could feel the knife poking him in the back, urging him along. He hadn’t seen it clearly, but it felt big. And sharp.

After what seemed like a century, but was really only about ten minutes, they stopped.
‘Here’s good,’ one of the guys said. Chris tried to look up at him but the other…

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