The Accused

Check out my latest “Dinger, PI” short story, THE ACCUSED at Motive Means Opportunity!



The pounding on the door rattled me awake. Just as well. I was having another shitty dream about bad times on some worthless hunk of coral and sand in the Pacific. I crawled out of my rollaway rack as another sortie boomed like incoming mortars. “C’mon, Dinger, I know you’re in there. Open the damn door before I knock it down.”

Ah, that delightful voice. I’d recognize it anywhere. Detective Cal Kroeger, Las Vegas PD. Sometime cohort, sometime nemesis, full time pain in my ass. I flipped on the light, unlocked the door and swung it open. Kroeger’s bulky frame filled the doorway. Another suit I didn’t recognize stood behind him, almost lost in Kroeger’s broad shadow. “It’s five-thirty a.m. Kroeg, this better be damn good.”

The lieutenant brushed me aside as he entered my office and abode uninvited. The lanky suit followed his boss. Kroeger perched on the uncluttered…

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