Pixie Dust: A Noir Short–Part 2

My newest “Dinger, PI” short story is up at Motive Means Opportunity–check it out!


Pixie Dust: Part 1 can be found on this site: here is a brief summary of Part 1:

Mrs. Greta Hathaway visits private investigator, Dinger, claiming her husband, Martin Hathaway, prominent bank president, is out to murder her. Greta’s father’s recent death, which allowed Hathaway to assume the presidency of the late Mr. Thomas Perry’s bank, has her spooked. Having knowledge her husband conspired to murder her father has Greta on edge that she might be next in line to assure her husband attains full control of the Perry bank and fortune.

–Part 2–

Mrs. Hathaway placed both hands on the edge of the desk, glass in one, cigarette in the other. A thin lace of smoke spiraled upward. “The bank? Not so much. I never liked arithmetic in school.” She paused for a sip and a drag, and smiled. “Numbers bore me, Dinger, PI, except for the kind printed…

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