Pixie Dust: Part 3

Pixie Dust — Part 3 on Motive Means Opportunity!


{Author’s note: the first two installments of Pixie Dust can be found on this site. It is recommended that you read them to familiarize yourself with the entire story.}


From a nearby side street I heard a car door slam and then the squealing of tires. The shooter wasn’t hanging around to count score. “Are you hurt?” I said. There was no sign of blood.

“Only my pride,” she said, “and maybe a skinned knee. Would you get off me, please?”

Slowly I lifted the rest of my weight off Greta’s prone body. Her skirt was hiked up to the top of her beautiful thighs which were spread a little from the plunge we took. The garters holding up the silk stockings were visible. It was as close to an intimate moment as I’d had since before the war. Not that I hadn’t had my share of women since. There’d…

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