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By D.J. Adamson

**Since many of us have watched the movie The Wizard of Oz more than we have read L. Frank Baum books, I will reference the movie, not the book   Also, don’t miss the contest at the end of this blog.Suppose

Story has structure no matter its genre.  Its elements include:  Setting, Character, Themes, Plot: Conflicts and Climax, and Denouement.  Each of these creates a great story. Learning structure sets the foundation for the enjoyment of the reader, and more importantly, the reader comes away with having been enlightened. No story offers a greater example of this than The Wizard of Oz (W of Oz).

  • Setting:  While many stories provide one setting, location, the W of Oz is brilliant in offering two different settings in one story.  The safe state of Kansas and the amazing, magical land of Oz. Literary elements can be used in the setting…

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