“No” is the beginning of the Conversation, by Meriah Lysistrata Crawford

A REAL private eye speaks her mind at Motive Means Opportunity!



When I decided, about 14 years ago, that I wanted to write mystery novels, author Donna Andrews recommended that I take training to become registered as a private investigator. (“Registered” is the proper term in Virginia.) She’d done it, and learned a ton in the process. This sounded fascinating, and really valuable. So, fueled in part by a raging midlife crisis, I leapt at the chance to go to the same highly-regarded school she’d attended (sadly, no longer in operation).

What followed was nothing like what I’d expected. It was true that I learned a lot that I could use in fiction, but I also discovered a field that I felt a deep interest in—and soon, it seemed like something I might actually do for a living. Finding work is usually the hard part, but within just a few weeks (immediately after I graduated), I was working full-time in the…

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