Strictly Business—a Dinger, PI, Short

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Charlie’s Golden Cannery—the joint was about as classy as its name. The old red bricked casino sat on Bond Road, a block off Boulder Highway on the outskirts of East Vegas. The façade looked ready to give up the ghost and collapse from the next good slam of the door. It was a neighborhood ripe with slums and the bums and unfortunates to fill them. I wondered if the place had serviced the hardy souls who’d built the Hoover Dam almost two decades ago. It was a grand place for their ghosts to mill about. I parked my Ford Coupe next to a lighted storefront, crossed the street, and entered.

The last rays of the setting sun cut through the heavy fog of smoke that reached from floor to ceiling. The ragged-out red carpeting had seen better days, probably out-dating the dam. What passed for neon lights hissed and blinked…

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