Launch Party Planning ;-)

Mystery writer/blogger “hoots” about her upcoming “book” launch!

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

lanuch-partyIf you’re kind enough to read this blog regularly, then you’ll know that my next Joel Williams novel, Past Tense, is coming out on 1 November. If you haven’t launched a book before, then you might not know just how much is really involved in a successful launch event. Want to know? If you’ll ask your disbelief to go get a wine and some tapas, I’ll tell you all about it.  😉

Launch Party Planning

Margot is sitting in a white leather easy chair in her private room at Crime Fiction News Break headquarters. A manicurist is working on Margot’s outstretched right hand. Margot glances down at the work.

Margot: No, not crimson! It has to be coral! Coral! My nails absolutely must complement my hair and skin tones! Don’t you know anything?

The manicurist mumbles an apology and starts to re-do the work. Margot shakes…

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