Reading a Book before Opening It

Kristen Twardowski shares some amazing technology!

Kristen Twardowski


Reading a traditional book without opening it seems like the realm of magicians and scientists, but thanks to scientists at MIT and Georgia Tech, it is now a reality. They have created a device known as a terahertz spectrometer, which uses a type of mild radiation to identify letters on stacks of pages. To be fair, the realm of terahertz spectroscopy has existed for for decades, but MIT and Georgia Tech’s iteration of the device is the first one that can see through layers in a usable way for books.

Though the device is still in its nascent form – it can currently only register writing 20 pages deep – the team working on it has big dreams for its future use. They are working in tandem with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to determine how the terahertz spectrometer can be used to inspect antique books and art pieces…

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