A Service Dog to the Rescue

A service dog turned private investigator!


By Sheri Levy

goodbye-275x413 Special offer for Sheri’s books at the end of the story

My stomach clinched. Kathy, sobbed on the phone. “Logan’s missing! My husband’s golfing and hasn’t returned my call.”

“I’m on my way. I have to get Sydney’s service vest.”

I filled my waist pouch with his favorite treats, located his water bottle, and snapped it onto my belt. “Let’s go, Syd.”

Kathy stood out front, waving her arms.

Sydney and I bolted from the car. I held one hand as she blubbered information in between blowing her nose and hiccupping. “Logan had a meltdown when his brothers left to play golf. With his autism, there’s no way Logan can sit in a golf cart all morning. He got angry, anyway.”

I clasped my hands together, easing my tension. “You need to know I’ve only played hide and seek with Sydney and other children. He’s a service…

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