Bouchercon 2016 Wrap-up

Mystery writer Micki Browning reports on Bouchercon 2016!

Micki Browning

I survived my first Bouchercon World Mystery Convention. No easy feat, let me tell you. Four days in New Orleans with 1,500 mystery writers, readers, agents, and publishing professionals is not for the faint of heart.

First, one must fortify oneself.

Beignets and Coffee Beignets and Coffee

I arrived a day early to enjoy a bit and a bite of the city. The conference hotel was located in the French Quarter and that meant a trip to Cafe du Monde.

Properly caffeinated and covered in sugar, I returned to the hotel to complete my registration. One of the perks of Bouchercon is visiting the book room. Each registrant could chose up to six books provided by participants and publishers.

The Book Room in a quiet moment The Book Room in a quiet moment

On day one, Michael Connelly interviewed American Guest of Honor, Harlan Coben. The two are friends, and the interview was lively and full of laughs.

Harlan Coben interviewed…

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A Service Dog to the Rescue

Service dog Sydney turns detective! at Motive Means Opportunity.


By Sheri Levy

My stomach clinched. Kathy, sobbed on the phone. “Logan’s missing! My husband’s golfing and hasn’t returned my call.” “I’m on my way. I have to get Sydney’s service vest.” I filled my…

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A Service Dog to the Rescue

A service dog turned private investigator!


By Sheri Levy

goodbye-275x413 Special offer for Sheri’s books at the end of the story

My stomach clinched. Kathy, sobbed on the phone. “Logan’s missing! My husband’s golfing and hasn’t returned my call.”

“I’m on my way. I have to get Sydney’s service vest.”

I filled my waist pouch with his favorite treats, located his water bottle, and snapped it onto my belt. “Let’s go, Syd.”

Kathy stood out front, waving her arms.

Sydney and I bolted from the car. I held one hand as she blubbered information in between blowing her nose and hiccupping. “Logan had a meltdown when his brothers left to play golf. With his autism, there’s no way Logan can sit in a golf cart all morning. He got angry, anyway.”

I clasped my hands together, easing my tension. “You need to know I’ve only played hide and seek with Sydney and other children. He’s a service…

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Taking a Walk on The Dark Side

JackieP takes a walk on “THE DARK SIDE!”

Hello, People!

Today I’m going to let you see a bit of the dark side of me. My friend Mer, over at Knocked over by a feather did a post recently where she answered some dark questions she found on a different website. So today I thought I would answer some questions of my own.

I think everyone has a dark side. A part of them that is capable of dark deeds. Not necessarily evil or bad deeds just acts that you wouldn’t normally do or sometimes things that you would never think you would ever do. Life has a way of testing you…how much you can handle…how dark you can get to survive.

Most of us would shock ourselves in what we would be willing to do if we were forced to make a decision. If it was a ‘you or them’ situation. I’m going to try to be as…

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The Unexpected Reader

Don’t miss this loving tribute by writer Kristen Twardowski!

Kristen Twardowski


My father is not the sort of man most people envision as a reader. His family lived in small Midwestern town that had once been home to thriving coal and zinc industries. But mines eventually run dry, and by the time my father and his nine brothers and sisters came along, the town didn’t offer much in the way of employment. The family was less than poor. It didn’t help that my grandfather died when dad was sixteen, leaving him the oldest of the children still at home. Since grandma couldn’t work, he did what any dutiful son would do and worked long hours after school to supplement what little government aid the family received.

The family didn’t have the money to pay for him to go to college, but he was stubborn, hardworking, and absolutely, irrevocably brilliant. He earned a scholarship at a community college, and later, years after…

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Mystery writer J.R. Lindermuth tells how to “HOOK” readers at Motive Means Opportunity–Mystery writers talk shop!


NOTE FROM THE MMO COORDINATORS: Due to the response of our past few guest blogs, we have decided to feature mystery writer J.R. Lindermuth’s guest post, HOOKS, for an additional day. Thanks t…

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Mystery writer J.R. Lindermuth “sets the hook” at Motive Means Opportunity!


by: J.R. Lindermuth

Your first sentence should draw the reader in. The second should compel him to continue reading.

That isn’t sage advice from some great writing seer. It’s my admonishment to myself as I begin each new story or novel. I’ve been using it since a reviewer said she was “hooked after page three” about an earlier book.

Page three is too darned late to hook most readers.

People have short attention spans and we writers need to perk their curiosity from the beginning. And the best way to accomplish it is with an opening that inspires “who,””what” or “why?”

Richard Wrights great novel “Native Son” (1940) begins with:


The second line is taken up with explaining it’s the sound of an alarm clock, which diminishes the impact. I don’t think it would work today. Modern readers are not patient critters.

On the other hand, Elmore Leonard’s opening…

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