Rose—–A “Dinger, PI” Short: Part 3

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(Reader’s note: The first two parts of “Rose” can be found on this website. It is suggested you read them to familiarize yourself with the overall story.)


It took a few hands and minutes to unscramble the con Manny Divino and sweet Rose were pulling. My winning streak held, although my attention had been fixated on the Lady in White and her darling dealer, and the scheming pair standing in the shadows of the entrance archway. Dealing the next game, Dell Nicholas gifted me an ace in the hole. The gambling gods continued to smile down on me as he flipped a ten on top of my ace. I wondered what choice the gods had.

I played along, shoving a stack of chips forward to call the bet of a once-gorgeous, silver-haired dame wrapped in a mink stole and blinding diamond necklace. Her upturned queen and hefty wager had the…

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