Money in Publishing

“I’m a writer–I’m gonna be RICH!” (he said, laughing, or crying).

Kristen Twardowski


We joke that there is no money to be made in books, but what do the numbers really say about the publishing industry? What does the future look like for people who want to edit novels, design book covers, or market memoirs?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published its updated report on publishing industries. (For those of you more hip to the coding system than I am, that would be NAICS 511.) The report includes information on workforce statistics, income levels, injury rates, and workplace trends in the US

Though people perform hundreds of different jobs related to books including working in warehouses, e-commerce, and web design, the report highlights only a few of them. The abbreviated wage table below looks at the hourly and annual wages for advertising sales agents, editors, graphic designers, and reporters and correspondents. As you can see, most people in publishing make between…

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