Art Collaborations

Art Collaborations

Posted on October 9, 2016 on Writing Wranglers and Warriors
by Sarah M. Chen

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

Sarah M. Chenby Sarah M. Chen

I don’t know if it’s a trend I’m just noticing now but there have been quite a few book events I’ve been to lately that feature both readings and live music. It makes sense that this type of event would work. Writers are creative types and many of us also dabble in other creative outlets like music, painting, and dance. I have many writer friends who bond over music backgrounds and band favorites. Why not bring them together?

14485077_855862157884400_1696761104335015572_n Jeff Whalen performing acoustic guitar. He’s the singer of the LA punk band Tsar.

For example, last week, I read at S.W Lauden’s launch party for his Greg Salem sequel Grizzly Season along with another writer friend. There was also a singer from a punk band. He sang acoustic guitar and it added a fun twist to the typical book launch party.

Even having your writer friends reading…

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