The End

Ah, the joys of writing!  by mystery/crime writer Kait Carson



Those of you who follow me on other blogs know that I’ve been in jail lately. Book jail. Imprisoned behind the bars of my own words and convicted of criminal procrastination. I have good news to report. I’m paroled!

This weekend I committed to finishing the book, even if it killed me. And it very nearly did. The woman who is writing this blog has had three hours of sleep since Friday. Yes, that’s right, three hours of sleep out of the last seventy-two hours. Am I tired? Heck yeah! Do I feel good? What, you can’t see me doing the Snoopy Dance For those of you who are math nuts; I wrote 11,000 words during that time. Most of those words between the hours of midnight and six in the morning. I’ve always been a night owl. Lucky break there, don’t you think.

The recidivism rate for writers is…

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