Mystery writer/blogger extraordinaire Margot Kinberg expounds on the basics of mystery writing at #MotiveMeansOpportunity


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  1. Bravo Margot for posting this excellent piece! The building blocks of literature come in the tool case you describe so well. Just as a ballet dancer works daily doing exhausting workouts to learn her craft or she will not be given that bundle of red roses after a bravura performance on stage, a writer’s platform starts with the basics. Effective twisting of usage comes from knowing standard English (or whatever language one is writing in). A writer on Goodreads sent me a book cover and a review and he said almost apologetically that he was upset about the poor grammar, spelling, and word usage in the book he reviewed.. The writer failed to edit the book and published without thinking about that. Since most of us make mistakes, the editing process is as essential as the magic we are hoping to create. Thank you for this post because it is so valuable..


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