Space/Time Continuum

Welcome to the Twilight Zone . . . or mystery writer Kait Carson’s space/time continuum at #MotiveMeansOpportunity!


space-time-continuumWay back when in the stone age, before YouTube or even MTV, there was a TV show named The Twilight Zone. It was hosted by Rod Serling who had one of those fantastic announcer’s voices that made you see his words. That was the first time I heard the phrase space/time continuum. I didn’t understand it until I became a writer.

Because we write on deadlines, our backs are always to the wall. Add in day jobs, family commitments, general life, and it becomes apparent that twenty-four hours in a day are simply not enough. Honestly, neither are thirty-six maybe seventy-two would be adequate. Every writer handles the time drain differently. Some carry notebooks or keyboards to all of their appointments. Using the waiting time to outline, write, polish, draw characterizations, study people and take notes (makes ‘em nervous I can tell you). Others set aside a sacred writing time…

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