Keep the Mystery in your Fiction!

Keys to Writing an Effective Book Blurb, by mystery writer Glenna Mageau, @ #MotiveMeansOpportunity


By Glenna Mageau (Writing as Maggie Thom)

now-that-you-have-the-readers-attentionYou’ve finished writing your novel and now you find yourself with the prospect of having to write a catching back cover blurb that will hook the potential reader and draw her/him in. Unfortunately, writing this brief but vital info seems to be a mystery for many authors. What to include? What to leave out? Where to begin? How to make it interesting?

It’s no wonder this task so daunting. You’ve just written 60,000 words, or 82,454, words or 102,383 words, and now you want to give a glimpse inside the meat of your story in only 200 words? The thing is though, for an author 200 words is really not that difficult a task to write. Where the problem comes in, is that authors of fiction tend to look at writing the book blurb as a summary, as a “this-then-that” kind of article, when really it’s not.

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