Mystery/crime writer Kait Carson weaves DECEPTION today at #MotiveMeansOpportunity !


A blog I contribute to recently used deception for its October theme. What better topic for October? The month of trick…or treat.untitled-design-1

Which will it be? A trick or a treat? Writers specialize in sleight of hand. Mystery writers in particular. We plant clues in plain sight. Playing fair is part of the canon of mystery-writing. We give the readers all the tools to solve the mystery, but we don’t paint them neon orange. Even if it is Halloween.

How do we do it? Sometimes better than others.

In a perfect book, all the clues are carefully laid out. Often beginning on page one. Gotta watch those writers, they’re a tricky bunch. But the clues are disguised as ordinary dialogue, or mixed into a list of items too commonplace to stand out. The clue has been dropped, a few pages later, the red herring usually follows. Red herrings are clues…

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