Rose–A “Dinger, PI” Short: Part 5

ROSE comes to a bang of a conclusion! @ #MotiveMeansOpportunity


(Note: the previous installments of ROSE can be found in our archives. It is suggested that you read them first if you’re not familiar with the story.”

ford-coupe-dark-streetI cranked the Ford and made a beeline for the bus station, hoping like hell nobody was tailing us. I pulled around to the back of the station and parked. “Listen up, doll. You’re getting on the next bus out of here. I don’t give a damn what direction it’s headed, you’re on it. Questions?”


Gloria sat there looking stunned, her mouth open like she was trying to catch flies. “Wh . . . what are we doing?” she finally managed to say.

“Hopefully we’re saving your pretty ass from Manny Divino,” I said. “Your dear husband plans to snuff you and collect the family fortune you recently inherited. I’m doing my best to prevent that from happening, being the good natured fellow…

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