Fiction Needs to Change You

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By Channing Whitaker

Suffice it to say, when you pick up non-fiction books — accounts of people and events, biographies, history books, maybe even self-improvement texts — you expect to come out of the read more informed, perhaps given a new way to see the world, and in either case intellectually or emotionally changed, at least a little. But when you pick up a work of fiction, do you expect the same, or do you merely expect to be entertained?until-the-sun-rises

I’m a fiction writer, which means I dedicate a significant portion of my time to making things up, to making up stories. Now, if a person is making up an alibi for a crime they’ve committed, they likely wouldn’t strive for entertainment. Rather, they’d want a mundane story, which is too boring not to believe. However, when you’re making up a story you intend for people to read and then…

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