Contests . . . Contests . . . Contests . . . What to do?


By John Achor

I look for opportunities to introduce contests to help me get my name out, assist in brand building and because they are fun. I’ve had readers help me with the name of my next mystery. I play off the old nursery rhyme: one, two – buckle my shoe, etc. Since I write 3-4-kill-covermysteries, I toss in a bit of gore: “One, Two – Kill a Few” & “Three, Four – Kill Some More.” This series features Casey Fremont, a female, amateur sleuth, and although this is a series, each book is written to be a stand-alone.

The naming contest was to find a title for the third in the mystery series, Five, Six – ????. I combined two entries and the result was: Five, Six – Deadly Mix (I’m looking for the release of this book shortly). These two ladies got credit in my Acknowledgments section and…

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