A look at the beloved or hated decade that is the 80s, by Sarah M. Chen

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1980s-1When people hear “the 1980s,” they may think big hair, synthesized music, day glo fashion, MTV, Reaganomics, consumerism, and the dawn of the personal computer. It was the decade of decadence. Everything was bigger, brighter, and louder. Oliver Stone’s Wall Street became the movie of the 80s and Gordon Gekko told us “greed is good.” People were spending money like crazy, Michael Milken was the Junk Bond King, and BetaMax and VHS were duking it out as the VCR of choice so you wouldn’t miss a single episode of Miami Vice.


For me, it was the decade of discovery. I started high school in Southern California in the mid-80s and graduated just before the 90s. I will always look back on the 80s with a fond nostalgia as these were the years I discovered booze, pot, sex, and true love. I became the proud owner of a Ford Escort…

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