Never Give Up

Reasons to Persevere! Today at #MotiveMeansOpportunity


By Linda Lee Kane

I retired last year and many thought that I might be bored; that’s crazy. I have six horses and I compete with three of them. Matter of fact I just got back from Las Vegas from an exciting three-day event…did I win? No, but I’ll keep trying.chilled-to-the-bones-cover

Now how does this tie in with the books that I write? Many of my books have something about horses in them; for example, The Black Madonna and my upcoming book, The true story of Clyde the abandoned Mini Pony (haven’t figured out a title, so if there is anyone out there that can send me a great title that we use, I’ll send you a free copy of Clyde). I also feature different local venues. Maybe I’m riding in the hills of Monterey, California. Maybe I’m in the central valley of Fresno, California, or possibly in Ireland or…

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A look at the beloved or hated decade that is the 80s, by Sarah M. Chen

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1980s-1When people hear “the 1980s,” they may think big hair, synthesized music, day glo fashion, MTV, Reaganomics, consumerism, and the dawn of the personal computer. It was the decade of decadence. Everything was bigger, brighter, and louder. Oliver Stone’s Wall Street became the movie of the 80s and Gordon Gekko told us “greed is good.” People were spending money like crazy, Michael Milken was the Junk Bond King, and BetaMax and VHS were duking it out as the VCR of choice so you wouldn’t miss a single episode of Miami Vice.


For me, it was the decade of discovery. I started high school in Southern California in the mid-80s and graduated just before the 90s. I will always look back on the 80s with a fond nostalgia as these were the years I discovered booze, pot, sex, and true love. I became the proud owner of a Ford Escort…

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Contests . . . Contests . . . Contests . . . What to do?


By John Achor

I look for opportunities to introduce contests to help me get my name out, assist in brand building and because they are fun. I’ve had readers help me with the name of my next mystery. I play off the old nursery rhyme: one, two – buckle my shoe, etc. Since I write 3-4-kill-covermysteries, I toss in a bit of gore: “One, Two – Kill a Few” & “Three, Four – Kill Some More.” This series features Casey Fremont, a female, amateur sleuth, and although this is a series, each book is written to be a stand-alone.

The naming contest was to find a title for the third in the mystery series, Five, Six – ????. I combined two entries and the result was: Five, Six – Deadly Mix (I’m looking for the release of this book shortly). These two ladies got credit in my Acknowledgments section and…

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5 Steps to Create a Compelling & Interesting Fiction Book Blurb

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Illustrations for Book Lovers

Kristen Twardowski

Though writers paint pictures with words, actual images can enhance books in surprising and poignant ways. As a collector of children’s books and as someone who is very ready for the US election to be over, I thought it would be a good time to enjoy some beautiful things.

With that in mind, here are a few beloved book illustrations. Many of the books are originally in a language other than English, and they can be a bit difficult to track down. I suppose that is all the more reason to make sure that a few more people have the chance to enjoy their splendor.

—     —     —

Beauty and the Beast by Ji Young Kim (or Yeshil Kim), illustrated by Gabriel Pacheco, Yeowan Media, 2013.

belle-finds-the-castle-by-gabriel-pachecoBelle and Family Wealth.jpgBelle on a Horse.jpgJapanese Fairy Tales, illustrated by Kirill Chelushkin, Drofa, 2002.

Crane by Kirill Cheloushkin.jpgJapanese Fairy Tales by Kirill Chelushkin.jpgAlice in Wonderland, illustrated by Song Gum Jin.

alice-and-the-rabbit-by-song-gum-jinAlice in Wonderland Song Gum Jin.jpgNotre Dame de…

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Fiction Needs to Change You

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By Channing Whitaker

Suffice it to say, when you pick up non-fiction books — accounts of people and events, biographies, history books, maybe even self-improvement texts — you expect to come out of the read more informed, perhaps given a new way to see the world, and in either case intellectually or emotionally changed, at least a little. But when you pick up a work of fiction, do you expect the same, or do you merely expect to be entertained?until-the-sun-rises

I’m a fiction writer, which means I dedicate a significant portion of my time to making things up, to making up stories. Now, if a person is making up an alibi for a crime they’ve committed, they likely wouldn’t strive for entertainment. Rather, they’d want a mundane story, which is too boring not to believe. However, when you’re making up a story you intend for people to read and then…

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Rose–A “Dinger, PI” Short: Part 5

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(Note: the previous installments of ROSE can be found in our archives. It is suggested that you read them first if you’re not familiar with the story.”

ford-coupe-dark-streetI cranked the Ford and made a beeline for the bus station, hoping like hell nobody was tailing us. I pulled around to the back of the station and parked. “Listen up, doll. You’re getting on the next bus out of here. I don’t give a damn what direction it’s headed, you’re on it. Questions?”


Gloria sat there looking stunned, her mouth open like she was trying to catch flies. “Wh . . . what are we doing?” she finally managed to say.

“Hopefully we’re saving your pretty ass from Manny Divino,” I said. “Your dear husband plans to snuff you and collect the family fortune you recently inherited. I’m doing my best to prevent that from happening, being the good natured fellow…

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