FICTION IS FLUFF.  OH, REALLY? By Radine Trees Nehring

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wedding cover.inddI doubt that anyone reading here has ever said, “Oh, I only read non-fiction,” and–perhaps–accompanied the comment with a superior lift of nose?

But, if you’re an author of fiction who appears regularly in public as an author (book talks, signings, interviews, conferences, book clubs . . . ) then I bet it’s been said to you.  Unfortunately, those who say it have usually moved on toward their imagined superior reading sources before the lowly fiction author can offer other than a sputtered “pffft.”  For a number of years, one of the most telling replies I could think of has been, “Have you  read To Kill A Mockingbird, yet? And then, if the speaker hesitates, I smile in (I hope) a friendly manner.

Thing is, a many fiction novels subtly enlighten and change readers who would turn away a_portrait_to_die_for_rev_smfrom blatant instruction or information in non-fiction, especially if it’s on…

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