My Favorite Mysteries List

TODAY at #MotiveMeansOpportunity — A Mystery Shopping List!


By E. Michael Helms

The season of giving (and receiving) is upon us once again. For all you fans of mystery/crime/suspense/thriller, what better to receive (or possibly, give) than books in the aforementioned genres to/from relatives and friends? Therefore, in the spirit of the season, I hereby list some of my favorite crime/mystery/suspense/thriller-related books of all time.

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The Tower Treasure, by Franklin W. Dixon

A dying criminal confesses that his loot has been stored “in the tower.” Both towers of the looted mansion are searched in vain. It remains for the Hardy boys to make an astonishing discovery that clears up the mystery and clears the name of a friend’s father.

I might as well begin at the beginning. I really can’t remember why or how I became interested in The Hardy Boys mystery series, but I scrimped and…

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