So Long

So Long . . . and Welcome!


My brother’s first father-in-law was a writer and he had a syndicated newspaper column and radio show. He taught me to sign off each story with -30-, and never to say goodbye. “So long sounds like you’ll be back, and you always want to be back. Goodbye, sounds like the end.”


The -30- thing always confused me. I mean, couldn’t the editors and typesetters figure out that the story ended. No more papers, no more story. What was with that -30- thing. I was too young to know about the journalistic conventions of telegraphs and teletypes and calling in stories.  My world was typewriters and pads of yellow legal papers. I can only imagine how archaic this sounds to children of the computer generation. Someday cursive notes will be the secret code of people of a certain age. Which is an improvement over writing with mayonnaise. Believe me, I…

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