Excerpt from Deadly Spirits


Author’s note: Deadly Spirits: A Mac McClellan Mystery (#4) will be released by Coffeetown/Camel Press on January 15. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1. Please pardon the ungainly formatting–it does not resemble the finished book.

deadly_spiritsI felt like a complete idiot following my girlfriend, Kate

Bell, up the narrow dusty stairs to the attic above the third

floor. I wiped another cobweb out of my face and beard as Kate

turned the antique glass knob. The door creaked open. She

shined the small flashlight around the room before stepping

inside. At five-eight in addition to her new jogging shoes, she

barely cleared the top of the doorway.

“Well, are you coming?” she asked as I hesitated by the open


“I don’t know. There might be a ghooost in there!”

She fought back a smile. “Very funny, Mac. Get your butt in

here, you big, bad, hunky…

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