Making It Realistic – What Do You Leave Out? By Rebecca Bradley

Today, at #MotiveMeansOpportunity — Retired UK Police Inspector Rebecca Bradley writes about “Making Crime Fiction Realistic.”


Before I start, can I thank everyone at Means, Motive and Opportunity for giving me this – rebecca-bradleyopportunity, to write a post for the blog, thank you. Though I must admit, I did find it difficult to come up with a topic after doing a blog tour last year, I wondered what I had left to say that might be remotely interesting. I took to Twitter to ask for help.

Let me first tell you a little about myself. I’m a crime writer, but before that I was a serving UK based police officer. I served for sixteen years before retiring on medical grounds. Eight of those years were in uniform and eight were as a detective in a specialist unit – sexual exploitation.

So, when I took to Twitter, I was asked the question(s), how much of the real information do I leave out, how much is made up…

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