The Two-Headed Killer   By Sarah E. Glenn

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When Gwen and I show our book to other authors, the first questions we are usually asked are: “You wrote a book together? How did you plot it?”mmexcoverfront

Creative types often have problems working together. It’s like another cook in your kitchen or, worse, a boss that tries to micromanage you. You have your creative process, and they have theirs. This is true for even authors who married other authors; sometimes the choice comes down to writing separately vs. divorce.

Yet it does happen. Richard Levinson and William Link created great television together: Columbo, Ellery Queen, Murder, She Wrote, and many other popular shows. Sometimes they devised plots together (often under the pen name ‘Ted Leighton’) which scriptwriters would turn into a television episode. James Patterson is also known for co-writing, but he takes a top-down approach: he creates the characters and a detailed plot, which is then taken over…

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2 thoughts on “The Two-Headed Killer   By Sarah E. Glenn

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    –Michael 🙂


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