Art, Freedom, and Seeing 100,000 Banned Books

Kristen Twardowski


To many, the Parthenon of Ancient Greece represents ideals of democracy and thought. This year an artist is attempting to use 100,000 banned and censored books to create a new Parthenon.

Artist Marta Minujín is currently constructing The Parthenon of Books as a symbol of resistance. This isn’t the first time that she has used books in such a way; back in 1983 after the collapse of Argentina’s dictatorship, she created El Partenón de Libros (The Parthenon of Freedom). This early incarnation of the project featured 20,000 books, and at the end of its installation, cranes tipped the structure to one side so that people could take the books used in it.

Minujín’s new Parthenon will be a little different. In addition to being much larger in scale – it will be 100,000 books instead of 20,000 – the exhibit will draw from Central European rather than Argentinian history. It will…

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