Book Festival Season is Here

Writing Wranglers and Warriors

by Sarah M. Chen

I’m seeing posts about how “it’s that time of year!” Or “Spring is in the air!” Unfortunately, in L.A., seasons all blend together, and sure, I’m noticing a few more flowers but it’s definitely not the spring vibe of almost anywhere else in the country. Actually, I learned recently that because of all the rain we’ve had, there are more bugs than usual. Yuck. Not something that makes me excited for spring (unless it’s Superbeetle of course!)

But I can think of one aspect of spring that has me excited—books! April is the start of book festival season and since I work as a bookseller, this month is always our busiest time of year. I know I can’t plan anything during April or else I earn the wrath of my manager. April 1 was Literary Orange which launches our official Book Festival Season followed by the

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