Apartments For Rent

Great mystery short story from author/blogger Margot Kinberg!

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

‘So, what do you think?’ Melanie asked. She turned towards the prospective tenants, and gave them a beautiful, bonded-and-veneered smile. She’d spent the last half hour touring them around the apartment community, selling them on its virtues. Now they were back in her office.

‘The property’s gorgeous,’ Anna said. ‘And I love the gym and the pool.’
‘Nice location, too,’ Ethan said.
Ethan and Anna exchanged a look. ‘Can we see a unit?’ Anna asked.
‘Sure. Now, you were interested in two bedrooms, two baths, right?’
‘Right,’ Ethan nodded.
‘Let’s see,’ Melanie murmured as she looked through the listings. Then she smiled again. ‘You’re in luck. There are a few available right now. One’s right by the pool…’
‘Oh, thanks, but no,’ Anna said. ‘Pools can get noisy, and I’m a writer. I need more quiet than that.’
‘Not a problem,’ Melanie answered. ‘Here’s one that’s in a quieter location…

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