Roll Up For the Mystery Tour*

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

You’re probably very much aware that culture (including art, music, and the like) have a powerful effect on crime fiction. That makes sense, too. Authors are members of cultures, and those cultures impact how authors think, what they value, and so on.

Interestingly, crime fiction also impacts culture. Culture, of course, has a lot of dimensions, many more than space permits. But even if you look at one of them, music, you see that impact. There are actually mentions of famous crime-fictional characters and authors in a lot of songs.

Here are just a few examples from different sub-genres of music. They may not all be to your taste, but they all show that impact.

Red KrayolaSherlock Holmes

It’s hard to discuss crime fiction without mentioning Sherlock Holmes. This song puts a sort of experimental, psychedelic-rock twist on the topic…

The LucksmithsEnglish Murder Mystery

This Australian…

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