To Write a Series or Not To Write a Series –by Maggie Thom

Suspense/Thriller Writer Maggie Thom’s CASPIAN WINE Series — “A Tangled Web of Secrets, Lies and Deceit.”


Okay, well first off I have to be honest, I had never planned on writing a series. In fact, I had sworn to myself that I would never write a sequel. Now that I’m in the process of publishing book 3, Split Seconds, of the Caspian Wine Series, I guess I have to say that was an empty promise.

Caspian Wine Series (1)

I love reading series and I have read many of them but one of the first things that came to me was they were a lot of work. Not only did you have to keep track of all the characters, action, situations and setting in one novel but now you have to do it across several.

So how did my series come about?

I actually wrote Captured Lies, book one, in the series many years ago and I had originally written it as a romance. For some reason, I…

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3 thoughts on “To Write a Series or Not To Write a Series –by Maggie Thom

  1. Hi Michael. Thank you so much for the interview and hosting me on your two blogs and helping me launch my new suspense/thriller Split Seconds. I truly appreciate it. Writing a book is a lot of work but the marketing… should not be. Thank you for making it fun and interesting.

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