My Novel: Watching a Glass Shatter

A Novel by James Cudney–Watching a Glass Shatter

This Is My Truth Now

It’s been a few months since I mentioned anything about my first novel, Watching a Glass Shatter, which prompted me to assemble this post as a way to share its current status. As you already know about the second book, Father Figure, I wanted to reveal a little more about the first.

Watching a Glass Shatter is the story of a ~65ish widow, Olivia Glass, who receives shocking news after the unexpected death of her husband, Ben. In a letter Ben left behind as part of his will, he confesses a secret about one of their five adult sons, but fails to specifically mention which one. Wretched with anger and fear, Olivia asks the attorney to investigate Rowena Hector, the mysterious woman whom Ben names in his last communication. While the attorney searches, Olivia embarks on a journey with each son to share one final moment and connection before the…

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