All Hallow’s Eve

From the Pen of Writer/Blogger E. Denise Billups: ALL HALLOW’S EVE ——

E. Denise Billups, Writer

For many, including myself, Halloween is a fun autumn holiday filled with trick-or-treating, costumes, candies, carving pumpkins, and ghoulish theme parties of wicked laughs and cheer. All Hallows Eve is a tradition brought to America by Irish emigrants during the 19th century. Given Halloween’s origins stemmed from pagan festival of Samhain when people worshiped Celtic deities around bonfires in costumes made from animal heads, the ceremony was harmless. Celts believed spirits of the dead returned to earth to wreak havoc and damage their crops. To appease Celtic Gods, they sacrificed animals and brought other offerings. As well as sacrifices, Druids (Celtic Priests) practiced divination (foretelling the future). They believed the presence of spirits on All Hallow’s Eve, made foretelling easier and would divine issues such as health, death, luck, and marriage.

All Hallow’s Eve, like many, is a tradition rooted in ancient pagan history—a means of an unsophisticated people to…

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Jessica Belmont

Hey everyone!!

I just hit my first goal of 100 followers yesterday! As a thank you, I am holding a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card.


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*~📚Deadly Spirits👻 by: E. Michael Helms~5 stars~*

A Glowing Review from Dani at Touch My Spine Book Reviews!

Touch My Spine Book Reviews

I want to give a huge thank you to E. Michael Helms for providing me with a copy of Deadly Spirits in exchange for an honest review! Michael is an amazing author and such a kind southern gentleman! You can find his blog at

Synopsis: PI Mac McClellan is dragged to a Palmetto Paranormal Society outing by his girlfriend Kate. Mac is sarcastic and completely a skeptic when it comes to said “ghosts” but will do anything for Kate. The society members split up to investigate an old hotel but are shocked when the society president is found with his neck broken and dead.

Suspciously, nobody heard the president fall to his death. The president’s current girlfriend is found next to his body screaming! After the police process the scene they rule the death as an accident.

When Mac is told about the accidental ruling, it does not sit…

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Sue Coletta: Best-selling Author of Psychological Thrillers, Broadcaster, Award Winner and more – My Guest Author

Jane Risdon features Crime Writer/Blogger Sue Coletta —–

Jane Risdon

I’m excited to have Sue Coletta as my guest author. I love her blogs and writing and wanted to know more about her and her interest in all things murder: serial killers especially.

Welcome Sue, please tell us about yourself for those who haven’t already discovered you and your books

Hey, there! My name is Sue Coletta. I’m a Member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers, and a bestselling, award-winning author of psychological thrillers & mysteries. My short stories and flash fiction have appeared in Out of the Gutter Flash Fiction Offensive magazine and numerous anthologies, and my forensic articles have appeared in InSinC Quarterly.

I live in northern New Hampshire with my husband and my pet crows, Poe and Edgar, who happen to live free. Even so, they come when I call them. Amazing birds!

 You Blog and you are a broadcaster too, tell…

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Study: 1 out of 5 of college students condone violence as a silencer of controversial speech

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) – Attorney General Pam Bondi is urging students at the University of Florida not to attend the planned appearance of white nationalist Richard Spencer Thursday.

“I would urge all students not to go to that. There’s no place for hatred and espousing these horrible, horrible views,” said Bondi.

A new study found many college students agree with using violence against controversial figures like Spencer. The planned appearance continues to evoke emotion at the state capitol.

How students will react to the controversial speaker is a concern. A Brookings Institute study found a bare majority of 51 percent of college students think it’s OK to shout and drown out speech they find offensive. At Florida State University we got a similar response.

“I think you should listen to what anyone has to say and then wait with your rebuttal,” said student Karl Roche.

Another student, Serafina Cruz said, “Yeah, you can shout over someone that’s exercising their free speech. I mean, it’s not cool.”

More shockingly, the Brookings study found one out of five students agreed violence was OK to use against offensive speakers.

All of the students we interviewed say they disagreed with using violence, but none were surprised by how many had answered “yes” in the survey.

Ahead of Spencer’s planned UF visit, Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency to protect students.

“I believe in the First Amendment rights that people have. I do expect people to be safe. I won’t condone any violence,” he said.

Commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Rick Swearingen will be in Gainesville, overseeing law enforcement operations.

“Those who show up to exercise their constitutional right under the First Amendment, they will have no issues. Those who show up to engage or encourage violence, they’re going to have problems,” said Swearingen.

Protests have already begun being held on UF’s campus ahead of Spencer’s appearance.

The Brookings study also found that six out of ten students believe event organizers are legally required to provide opposing viewpoints. No such law exists.

Reprinted from News Channel 7,