Book Review: Pea Body

Author/Blogger Denise Fleischer reviews PEA BODY: A Rollin RV Mystery, by Ellen Behrens



Book Review – Pea Body

By Ellen Behrens

A Rollin RV Mystery

Trade paperback

289 pages

Get the Book

While bird watching at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on the outer banks of North Carolina, Betty and Walt Rollin make a gruesome discovery: they find a body of a young woman. After being questioned by a volunteer wildlife specialist and two officers from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, they realize they know the woman. She recently gave them a kiteboarding lesson.

Soon after they are involved in a road rage incident because they are driving their RV slowly. When they turn off the road into a restaurant parking lot, they continue to be harassed by the truck driver. He barely lets them out of their vehicle. On top of that, he files a report against them. The fulltime RVers learn from Sargent Murphy that witnesses observed the whole thing…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Pea Body

  1. Thanks for re-posting this, Mike! It’s one of many advantages self-publishing has over traditional publishing, that reviews are still relevant a few years after a book is published. Denise covers a range of fiction categories as a reviewer, and I’m thrilled she picked my books to spend some time on! Hope you’re well!

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