cellphone bombSomeone detonates a bomb using a cellphone–do we ban cellphones?




Someone crashes a car into a crowd–do we ban automobiles?car into crowd


Someone stabs a person to death with a knife–do we ban knives?Depicting Murders


Someone chokes a person to death with his hands–do we ban hands?choking a victim




REMEMBER–Almost ANYTHING can be used for evil. . . .

3 thoughts on “ON BANNING GUNS

  1. Yes, and all those objects that can do harm are subject to sensible regulation. Guns should be the same. No sensible person wants to ban guns. We just want their distribution and characteristics to be those that make our society safer in order to protect us all from levels of gun violence that are truly unprecedented. I have hunted; I have owned handguns; I have held a concealed carry license. I am not anti-gun, I am pro gun safety. Oh, But, I have been an NRA member, and I now do hate the NRA.

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  2. The existence of evil is nothing new. We can ban humanity if it were possible and we would still have a small crevice an eternal piece of possibility for the bad stuff in life to occur. This has been going on for some time. For as long as we have been human. I wonder if the problem is with guns or the problem is with our culture. I think that we are very much isolated by attempts to create connection by artificial ways. Nevertheless I do think that cyberspace can and does make it possible to make friends. Our values make us this or the other and they say much about us and what we attempt to create in life. I think that the obvious truth that men are different from women is part of the problem. Why do men and women have to be the same in order to be equal? They will never be the same. It is true that in general men are stronger and more aggressive in general. That is why in their best modes of behavior men help to deal with other men who are shall we say it? Not kind,. I still do not think that banning guns will stop our problem. Banning assault military weapons and upping the age of people who can buy guns can help but there is no surety that this will happen. Whenever the time came that men were not the persons who showed boys to be men is in my mind the time that we had a problem. This will not stop as long as boys are not helped by men to be men. Sorry if this does not go with a politically correct belief but the culture is the problem.

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    • A LOT of the problem (as I see it) has to do with the break-up of the two-parent househlold/family. And this has been snowballing since the 1960s and LBJ’s “Great Society” which didn’t turn out so great. That launched the much-abused welfare. It wasn’t long before many women decided they could get more and more money/benefits by staying single and continue having babies. Soon, “Dad” was no lonnger in the picture, at least in a lot of cases. And boys sorely needed the guideance only a man could provide. This isn’t a knock of single-mothers. Many single-mothers do an outstanding job raising their children, males and females. Others, not so good.
      And then there’s the horrible lack of discipline which begins (or SHOULD) in the home. Now, it has extended to our government run school system. No corporal punishment is allowed. Little Johnny and Suzy have learned they can “mouth off” at their teacher and no real consequence will follow. That has, in many cases, extended to the home. More than once a kid has reported his/her parent(s) for physical abuse (read “spanking”) and brought the law down on them. Discipline is the key. Without it, our society will continue to suffer.


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