Never Elaborate But Sometimes Vague: Logline and Tagline

Loglines & Taglines, by writer E. Denise Billups

E. Denise Billups, Writer

In the midst of preparing my third novel’s synopsis, logline, and tagline, I researched other author’s book covers and came across numerous taglines that inspired a satisfactory completion of my own. With all the subplots, twists, and characters it took many drafts before I successfully summarized an 80,000-word novel into one sentence, and it left me wondering if one-liners and catchy phrases are necessary.

Yes! Taglines and loglines are essential parts of a writer’s media kit. Especially Indie Authors who may not have the followers or media endorsement bestselling authors have to promote their books. But before you start crafting your own, understand taglines and loglines aren’t synonymous. They both serve different purposes, but the one element they have in common is they’re not elaborate descriptions of your book but succinct statements.


A logline is essentially an elevator pitch, a concise, succinct summary of your book in one or…

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Not Guilty

A Short-short crime story from Mystery-Crime writer/blogger Margot Kinberg!

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

They were looking at me. They were making eye contact. Celia told me that’s a good sign. It means they see you as a person, and that was going to make it harder for them to convict me. And I could use all the good signs I could get.

I felt bad for Celia. She had to really work hard for me. I mean, I was drunk that night. A few of us from Delta Epsilon were at Patricio’s, where we used to drink when we were in school. It was no big deal, just an Alumni Weekend thing. I told them that, too, when I was on the stand. It didn’t look good that I had too much to drink, but Celia told me not to lie. And I didn’t. Lying is perjury. I may not be a lawyer, but I know that.

Now, the other lawyer was looking…

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KaylaAnn featured in Summer Lane’s magazine “Writing Belle: The Art of Storytelling”

Great news from writer/blogger KaylaAnn!


Today, I am being featured in Writing Belle Magazine, which is pretty awesome! Writing Belle Magazine is run by Summer Lane, author of 20 bestselling books.

In the Magazine, Lane features my upcoming book The Agency Games (working title) and a little bit about me. I even got to submit a guest article in which I discuss why “Consistency is Crucial.”

Be sure to CLICK HERE to read the full article!

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